Meet the Pack here at Curious Weims!

Breeding is a passion of ours, because, to put it simply, we love our dogs. With proper training and care, Weimaraners are the best pet you will ever have. (We know we’re biased). Although we breed our dogs, our dogs are also our family pets. They live inside our home with us, they sleep with us, they eat with us, they even go to the bathroom with us (yep, you read that last one correctly). More than anything, we love placing our pups in wonderful homes with amazing families, where we know they will be loved for their whole lives.

To learn more about each of the Weims in the Curious Weims Pack, check out their individual pages below:

Tobi’s Page

Leyna’s Page

Scout’s Page

Bohdan’s Page

Cheyenne’s Page

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