Check out Curious Weims Current and Future Litters of Weimaraner Puppies

At Curious Weims we love finding amazing people and families for our extraordinary pups!! Over the years we have developed processes to Get a Curious Weim and for evaluating how suitable homes will be for a Curious Weims pup.  Some Weimaraner breeders will sell to anyone who is willing to send a deposit, but that is NOT us!  We want to make sure our puppies go to the best homes who are committed to caring for and loving their new Weim kid no matter what!


Before you go any further with us, we’d like to set a few expectations right off the bat:

1. We Start with a Phone Call – We start every new relationship with families interested in our Weimaraner puppies with a phone call.  We believe that talking with you directly gives us a better idea of who you are and if one of our puppies would be a good fit in your family!  This also makes answering all your questions and our questions significantly easier!

2. We Require You to Fill Out Our New Family Questionnaire – We ask all new families to fill out our New Family Questionnaire because it gives us more information about you and your family.  This also helps us evaluate your plans for your new Weim, as well as what gender, color, and traits you are looking for.  We know its long, but it’s important!

3. You Don’t Pick Out Your Specific Puppy – Many people have this idea in mind that getting a puppy includes choosing which pup they want from the litter, but that’s not how we work, and here is why.  Our Weimaraner puppies are intentionally matched to each family based on a number of factors.  We use our knowledge of years of experience to match each puppy to the best possible FURever Families.  Two of those factors are color and gender, and many people have a preference towards one or both of those, and we do our best to accommodate those requests from new families!

4. Our Companion / Pet Puppies are Sold with No Breeding Contracts – All our pups are sold with Limited AKC Registration and a contract that restricts breeding.  If you’re looking for a well-bred AKC registered family Weim or hunting companion, then this wont be an issue for you.  If you are interested in potentially breeding or showing your new Weim, contact us directly and we can talk about your future plans.

5. You Are NOT allowed to Re-home Your Weim – We do everything possible to ensure each of our Weimaraner puppies has the BEST possible FURever families and that our pups DO NOT get surrendered to a pound, animal control facility, or rescue.  We understand that LIFE HAPPENS!  There are many unforeseen situations that can arise that make it difficult or impossible for families to keep their Curious Weim pup, such as lifestyle changes, job relocations, babies, divorce, untimely deaths, and more.  We UNDERSTAND, and we aren’t here to judge you.  If your Curious Weim no longer fits your lifestyle, we’ll take your Weim back!  Contact us directly and we can discuss your situation to see how we can help!


Curious Weims New Family Wait Lists

If you are considering getting a pup from us, don’t hesitate! Contact us as soon as possible, because we find wonderful families for our pups very quickly and you don’t want to miss out! In the meantime, please feel free to look through our planned current and future litters of Weimaraner puppies below.

We’d love to talk with you and learn more about you and your family!!  If you are interested please fill out our New Family Questionnaire or Contact us directly!

Curious Weims Fall/Winter 2018 New Family Wait List

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