What are people saying about Curious Weims?

We do everything we can to make the experience each family has with us as professional, transparent, and enjoyable as possible.  We love our Weims, and we want to find that same LOVE for each puppy or rescue that leaves us, so we work hard to find incredible families for our Weims.

These are just a few of the experiences people have had with us.

Don’t take our word for it, take it from people that have been in your shoes trying to find the right place to get their new Weim family member!

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I drove around 6 1/2 hours to pick up my new puppy from Curious Weims. Throughout our phone and email exchange they were quick, reliable, and answered any of my questions and gave me advice. The puppy’s ALL looked fantastic and all had great energy and personalities…. you couldn’t go wrong with any one that you choose. Curious Weims welcomed me into their home, and truly showed me that they are serious about finding incredible FOREVER homes for their pups. They have a great environment for any animal to grow up on. I am ecstatic about my puppy, he is gorgeous and receives compliments from everyone. The vet said he is extremely healthy, proving why Curious Weims is so confident to provide a health guarantee, their dogs are top notch! When I get another puppy I will certainly be coming back to Curious Weims in the future!”

Elizabeth – Nashville, TN

“I’m the proud mama of an incredible Curious Weim!! Our family was lucky enough to become the forever home for a beautiful, smart and VERY loyal male Weimaraner. The second we brought him home we were immediately in love with him! He is growing so quickly, but he is still as lovable as the day he joined our family. If you are looking to be the forever home to a Weim, you won’t find a better breeder than Curious Weims. Curious Weims and their family at are huge animal lovers and take a lot of pride in their dogs! No way will you find a breeder that loves their dogs more than they do. No doubt Curious Weims is the best breeder of Weimaraners you will find! You can’t go wrong with one of their pups!”

Joanna & Family – Tinley Park, IL

“My girl Zoe has been the absolute best puppy. She came to me from Curious Weims, and their reputation preceded them! They breed the most beautiful Weimaraners with the loveliest personalities. You can tell right away our pup came from a loving and caring home. Curious Weims made the entire process exciting, fun and incredibly easy. They were there to provide information and answers to ALL my questions, before and after receiving my Zoe. I couldn’t be happier and I will definitely be getting my next Weim from Curious Weims! Everyone who has seen Zoe has gushed over her, and said how beautiful she is. I am so happy with her and the work Curious Weims does, that I cannot put it into words. Thank you so much, she has made our family VERY happy!!”

Olivia & Family – Cambridge, OH


“Let me start with saying that we live in Michigan. We made a long trip to Central Illinois to pick our boy up and the trip was SO worth it. Our puppy is now 14 weeks old and everything Curious Weims said he would be. We could only go by the pictures and videos they posted on their Facebook page, but that helped a TON. They said we would be very happy with him, and they were right! He is VERY smart, lovable and handsome. I recommend Curious Weims to anyone looking for a Weimaraner. Their puppies are beautiful and exactly what they say they are. So, don’t be afraid if you are out of state. Everything worked out great for us!”

Mary Ann & Family – Grand Rapids, MI

Rudy 2

“Curious Weims has taken the time to develop an incredible bloodline. They have a love for the breed that truly shows in their dogs. The Curious Weims Puppy Binder they provide gives all the useful information any Weim owner will ever need, it’s a great resource!! We will definitely come back to Curious Weims for our next pup, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to ANYONE looking for a Weim!”

Erin – Indianapolis, IN

“Curious Weims was my first experience with the Weim breed, and they have not disappointed. My dog Carlin is beautiful and more than I could have asked for!! She is great with kids as well as other animals. I have another dog we rescued from the pound and a cat that she gets along with wonderfully. She has great energy, but can also enjoy some cuddle time on the couch. When I get another chance for a Weim, it will be from Curious Weims, and if you are looking for one they are an excellent choice!”

Jessica – West Peoria, IL

“I just wanted to say that the Weim I got from Curious Weims has been the most amazing dog I have ever had. She is so fun and she loves to cuddle. She is also gorgeous and whenever I’m out with her I get stopped and told how amazing my dog looks. Curious Weims is very professional and they truly care about their dogs. I would strongly recommend this breeder if you’re looking for an incredible Weimaraner. I’m not joking when I say they are the best dogs in the world. I will definitely be getting my next Weim from them! I cannot wait to get another loving cuddly companion. Curious Weims is definitely the place to go for a TOP notch Weimaraner.”

Anthony – Naperville, IL

“We got our Weimaraner puppy “Maximus” from Curious Weims in the early spring. He was my husband and I’s anniversary gift to each other that year and since then he has grown into a beloved member of our family! Curious Weims was nothing but phenomenal throughout our entire puppy search process. They were kind, helpful, and patient with our ten million phone calls and questions; and they even let us visit our pup and his siblings before he was old enough to take home (we were too excited to wait!). During our visit and the pickup, it was evident that they truly love their animals and hold their health and safety as first priority. All around, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We get compliments all the time on what a wonderful, good natured dog we have – and I have no doubt that this is a result of the great breeder he came from!”

James & Family – Urbana, IL

“I just recently purchased a Weimaraner puppy (male) from Curious Weims. Though I had researched the breed thoroughly and met with local breeders. I had never owned one of these magnificent dogs. Purchasing a dog from a breeder across the country was a new experience too. I live in California and had all the usual concerns about the health and temperament of a dog I had never seen, as well as the prospect of flying out and picking up a young puppy. Curious Weims was very knowledgeable, helpful, and very good at communicating with me during the weeks we waited for our puppy. The puppy we picked up and flew home was extremely healthy and strong. On the initial visit to my vet, he was very impressed with how beautiful our pup was as well as how socialized my pup had already become. He is a strong, handsome dog. We are so happy that Curious Weims was there to help us add this new member to our family. Thank you for everything!!”

Johnathan & Family – Los Angeles, CA

“It has been a long time since we got our Weim, Sophie, and I still remember how easy the process to get her was! She is the best dog we ever could have imagined. We had a child when we got her and have since had another baby and she is great with them and our other dog! She is about 70lbs and solid muscle, but she’s still very sweet, loving, and always wants to be right there with us! We will definitely get another Weim one day, and when that day comes Curious Weims will be who we’ll turn to! Thank you SO much, we have a great family protector and a best friend!”

David & Family – Springfield, IL

“We purchased our pride and joy from Curious Weims, and the whole process was AMAZING, GREAT COMMUNICATION, and EXTREMELY HELPFUL!! Everything they say about their BEAUTIFUL puppies and raising them with TLC is 100% the truth. These are truly great people who have the love, passion, and desire to make sure their pups get a great, loving, and safe home. I, still to this day, send Curious Weims update pictures of our little, but yet big, guy Rocky! Thank you for filling the hole in our family’s heart from the loss of our previous Weim with our incredible Curious Weim! Once again, IF YOU ARE WANTING TO PURCHASE A WEIM…THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT, WITH Curious Weims!!!”

Molly & Family – Schaumburg, IL

“My husband and I began our search for a Weimaraner puppy this summer and were delighted to find Curious Weims located in Peoria, Illinois, not too far from our Chicago home. After several conversations with them, we put down a deposit and surprised our children by taking them to pick up their first puppy. They were welcoming and let us play in the yard with the puppies for an hour before choosing which pup we wanted for our family. We drove up a couple weeks later to pick him up and again were reassured that we had selected a wonderful breeder. Everywhere we go with our puppy, people stop us to comment on his color and how beautiful he is. We could not be happier with Curious Weims, and we welcome you to contact us if you’d like to hear more. Curious Weims can provide you with our contact information. Excellent breeders with a true love for Weims and the families they end up with”

James & Family – Chicago, IL

“I would like to say Curious Weims is just a wonderful breeder and very honest. We got our Weimaraner puppy from them last year. Lacie was 6 weeks old, full of energy and absolutely beautiful! We had not seen Lacie before we picked her up except for pictures form Curious Weims and on their Facebook page. We got the exact puppy we wanted and have been very happy with her. We are so happy with Lacie, we are planning to adopt another pup from their upcoming litter. Again we will let Curious Weims pick out the pup but we are sure we are getting a winner. Dealing with Curious Weims was an absolute pleasure and we truly appreciate their honesty and trustworthiness. We look forward to our new Curious Weim!”

Janet & Family – Lafayette, IN

“Curious Weims and their family have a first class operation. My wife and I were looking to buy a Weimaraner and ended up putting a deposit on a pup in a matter of hours after our initial contact with them. We drove 160 miles to meet Curious Weims and see the pup we were interested in. After visiting with their family for over an hour we were sure that we could buy from Curious Weims with confidence. They answered all of our questions, gave great tips when we asked for advice and showed true concern for our pup as well as the other pups we saw during the visit. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to get our Weim from Curious Weims! Thank you much for everything, we truly appreciate it.”

Tom & Family – Iowa City, IA

“Good Afternoon Curious Weims, We just wanted to touch base and let you know we did bring our puppy (Jake) in for a check-up with our local vet. He got a clean bill of health and everyone at the vet’s office was tripping over their feet to ask questions about him and commenting what a beautiful puppy he was! We did start him on Heart Guard this week and also Frontline on the vet’s recommendation. He also had a vaccination and weighed in at a whopping 14lbs! We have another appointment for him at the end of this month. The Vet recommends we have him neutered at six months. Everything else is great we couldn’t be any happier with our new little friend. I will email you photos and stay in touch as he grows! If you ever need a referral please pass my phone number along anytime. Thank you again!”

Burt & Family– Kansas City, KS

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