Weims and Children: Everything You Need to Know

Lucy - April 2016 litter

One of the most common questions that we get asked is, “How are Weims with children?” Many of the people that get puppies from us are either planning on starting a family at some point in the near future or already have children at home.

To put it simply, Weims are amazing with children. You should begin socializing your Weim with children from the day you take him/her home. If you have relatives with children, invite them over to your house to play with your new puppy. If there are children in your neighborhood, let them play with and pet your Weim. If children in your family/neighborhood are “scarce,” trying taking your Weim on a walk or to a park where children may be present.

Also, you should pull GENTLY on your Weim’s ears, tail, legs, etc. Gently is the key word. The purpose of doing this is NOT to hurt or punish your Weim in any way, shape, or form. If there are children around your Weim, it is likely that, at some point, they may pull on the dog’s ears, tail, etc. You want to teach your Weim that growling and biting are NOT acceptable responses to pulling or tugging. The last thing in the world you want is for your Weim to turn around and bite at a small child who was just “playing” with your dog. You also need to make sure your Weim is not defensive with his/her food. When your Weim is eating, make sure to stick your hand in the bowl. Again, the last thing in the world you want is for a crawling child to crawl over to the dog’s bowl, put their hand in the bowl, and get bit by your dog.

Weims and Kids 2

Having a new baby is an exciting and scary time for everyone in the family, including your Weim. You can prepare your Weim for a new baby in a few different ways. One thing that you can do is to play sounds of a baby crying. This will familiarize your Weim with this new sound, and they will be less alarmed when they hear it. You should also allow your Weim into the nursery to sniff around, and allow them to smell the baby’s clothes. Again, this will familiarize your Weim to new surroundings and smells. You can also get a doll (or something that somewhat resembles a baby), and practice talking to it like you would a new baby. Call your Weim over by you, and start teaching him/her to be gentle when you are holding the baby. Finally, be sure to always give your Weim plenty of love and attention. In other words, don’t just pay attention to your Weim whenever the baby is not around. Try to include your Weim in family activities as much as possible. Because Weims have a tendency towards jealousy and attachment, they can start seeing the baby as a negative “thing” because they are no longer getting all of your attention. Paying attention to your Weim when the baby is around teaches your Weim that the baby is a blessing.

If you already have children in your home, your Weim will grow up with them. A Weim will make a very playful companion for your children. One of the most important things that you can do if you already have children is to include them in the training of your Weim. If you make training your Weim a family effort, you will have a well-behaved dog. Although everyone in your family will absolutely LOVE your new pet, your Weim needs to learn that he/she has the lowest rank in your pack. A Weimaraner needs to learn that he/she needs to obey EVERY member of the family, not just the mom and or the dad. Everyone needs to be on board with training and disciplining your new Weim. Consistency and follow-through are two of the most important things that a Weimaraner needs in order to be well-trained. If your Weim only listens to Dad, Mom and the children will probably think that the dog is an absolute nightmare. Remember, if you and your family members don’t assert yourselves as the boss, the Weim will!

Maximus begging from a child - April 2015 Litter

Here’s what our Curious Weims Families say about Weims and children:

    • I have had 2 Weims now and both have been my kids best friend and protector. When my son was 2 he decided he wanted to walk to the park while I was in the shower. Panic struck when I got out and he was gone and so was Hanz (9yo weim).  I found my son at the park playing with Hanz right by his side watching him. When Hanz saw me, he went home. I have to also add that Hanz died the next day. He had not been eating or getting out of bed for 3 days, but he knew that I was not watching my son leave, and he had to go watch him for me. He was the best dog and I miss him so.
    • From first- hand experience Lincoln lets my niece pull on his tail and she pushes him out of the way to get to stuff and he just moves out of her way. He respects her space and listens to her very well. He is calm around little kids and when we tell him to sit and be calm he does it. He LOVES kids! I have very close friends that have small children that have Weims as well. They are super sweet and very protective in terms of watching over and making sure everything is ok.
    • Weims are perfect with kids!!! We owned several Weims in a 15 year span & 4 small children. Best dogs ever!
    • Oscar is very loving and patient with my children. I have a two year old and a seven month old. The two year old can pull his tail, touch his toes, and give him hugs. Oscar does not mind at all. The baby can be on the floor and he give him his space. He is always mindful of where they are. I have had many neighbors comment on how well Oscar does with the boys in the back yard. Playing catch, chasing the each other around, and just having a great time. We are his pack and he is protective and loving to us all.
    • Duke is still a puppy and is absolutely amazing with our 2 kids. He is attached to their hips and is always cuddling with them. He is very protective and always on guard with them! The picture above shows it all!
    • I think it comes down to people who can’t train their dogs and kids correctly. And of course it will always be the fault of the dog and never the kids when things get broken or kids get hurt. Regardless of which breed you can have good or bad ones.
    • I’d say Weims are one of the best with children. My two girls were born into having a Weim brother and now have another. They have such heart and only want to please their family.

Oscar and his human Brother

Stories like these are not rare when it comes to Weimaraners and children. These are just a FEW examples of the ways Weimaraners interact with kids.  We believe that Weims are amazing, loving, loyal, protective family pets. With the right training and total family involvement, a Weimaraner will be one of the best pets you will ever have!


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