Weimaraners have many endearing and unique traits, making them unlike any other breed. One of these “unique traits” is their stomachs, which are apparently made of steel. Weimaraners are NOTORIOUS for eating things that, well, they just shouldn’t eat. You name it, a Weim has probably tried to eat it. We’re not just talking the “forbidden chocolate.” We’re talking bigger, harder, more indigestible: spatulas, couches, their crates (yes, their crates), shoes, purses, false teeth, a frozen turkey. Weims are very stealthy and quick, and although they have toys and bones galore, sometimes those things are just not as tasty as a foam couch. That is why you should know how to induce vomiting in your dog.

One of our dogs ate a baby sock (and apparently a hair bow, too)!
One of our dogs ate a baby sock (and apparently a hair bow, too)!

Do I really need to learn how to make my dog vomit? YES. Eating something large and indigestible can be very bad for a dog. If the object is large, it can get stuck in the digestive track, block the intestines, and cause major problems for your dog, sometimes even death. However, if you catch it early enough, you can get your dog to vomit the object before it has a chance to pass through his or her digestive system.

If you suspect your dog has eaten something that he or she shouldn’t have and the dog seems fine, you can give your dog hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. The general rule of thumb for how much peroxide to give is 1 teaspoon of peroxide per every 10 pounds that your dog weighs; if your Weim weighs 75 pounds, give your dog 7 teaspoons of peroxide.

There are a few ways you can administer the peroxide. Your can soak slices of bread in the required amount of peroxide. If your dog catches onto your scheme, you may need to get some sort of syringe to squirt the peroxide in the back of your dog’s throat and hold his/her mouth closed until you see your dog swallow. The vomiting should come within 15 minutes. If your dog hasn’t vomited within 15 minutes, repeat again. You can do this up to 4 times within an hour to try to induce vomiting.

If your dog still hasn’t produced the object within that time frame, you may need to call your veterinarian. You also need to call your veterinarian RIGHT AWAY if your dog has lost consciousness or seems lethargic, he or she has swallowed any type of caustic substance (bleach, cleaners, etc.), your dog is already vomiting, or it has been more than two hours since the dog has eaten the object (by this point, it has probably already passed into the stomach).

The thought of making your dog throw up may not seem like the most appealing thing, but it can save your dog’s life! If your Weim is anything like ours, you never know when they may eat your baby’s sock… or your false teeth.

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