It is no secret that Weimaraners are athletic dogs with a lot of energy. They are bound to get some bumps and bruises along the way. They are also notorious for getting into things they shouldn’t, hence the popular phrase “Weim Crime.” Accidents happen unexpectedly, so we recommend having some basic supplies on hand to handle these bumps and bruises.  Disclaimer: This article is not intended to replace veterinarian care. Always consult with your veterinarian in case of injury or emergency.

Here are the top 12 things we recommend having in your Doggy First Aid Kit:


1. Non-Latex Disposable Gloves – These are for you, not your Weim…you never know what you’ll encounter.



2. Self-Cling Bandages – This type of bandages is available at your local pharmacy or pet store. This is helpful because it sticks to itself, and not to your pet’s fur. This can be used to bandage minor cuts and bruises.



3. Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide is used to induce vomiting. This can be used within two hours of your Weim eating something that he/she shouldn’t have eaten.




4. Benadryl – Like humans, Benadryl can be given to dogs in the event of an allergic reaction.



5. Rectal Thermometer – Your Weim’s temperature should never rise  above 103 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should never fall below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If your pet’s temperature rises above or falls below, you should seek medical attention for your pet.




6. Milk of Magnesia – This can be used to absorb poison.  *Only use this under the instruction of a veterinarian or poison control.




7. Eye dropper – This can be used to give oral treatments or flush wounds.



8. Tweezers -These can be used for removing ticks and other things in hard to reach places. Note: Never used tweezers to remove an insect’s stinger. Plastic cards (i.e. debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, etc.) work best for this.


9. Styptic Powder – This is used to help stop bleeding. It can be used to stop bleeding if you accidentally cut a nail too short or if your dog gets a minor, superficial cut.





10. Old Towels/Rags – Again, you never know what you’ll encounter. It’s helpful to have old towels and rags on hand to clean up any messes (vomiting, bleeding, etc.). You can also use towels to lay down on hard floors/rough surfaces, or to wrap your pup up for some extra comfort.




11. Elizabeth Collar aka “The cone” – An Elizabeth collar will prevent your dog from doing things like trying to tear off bandages or licking open wounds.



12. Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Neosporin) – Just like its use for humans, antibiotic ointment can help to prevent infection, provide some pain relief, and act as a barrier from bacteria and germs.

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