Rescuing and Re-homing Weimaraners at Curious Weims

At Curious Weims, we have a deep passion for Weimaraners no matter where they come from.  In addition to our puppies, Curious Weims Rescue is highly invested in finding loving permanent forever homes for unwanted, abandoned, or stray Weimaraners here in the Midwest.

Our  Rescue and Re-Homing Mission

OUR MISSION is the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Weimaraners from animal shelters, strays found, Weims that were neglected and abused, or loving families that just cant continue to keep their Weim for any reason. We strive to educate those we come in contact with on responsible Weim ownership. We are dedicated to end the tragedy caused by puppy mills, pet stores selling live animals, and irresponsible over-breeding of Weimaraners. Finally, we strive to place each Weim we rescue into loving forever families where they will be well loved and taken care of for the rest of their lives!!

We do focus on the Midwest, but have gone significantly further to both rescue a Weim or place a Weim in the right home.

If you or anyone you know are in any of the following situations, PLEASE contact us, and we will do everything we can to help you ANY way we can:

  1. You have a Weim that just doesn’t fit your lifestyle any longer
  2. You have a Weim that has behavioral problems you cannot deal with any longer
  3. Your Weim has been aggressive or bitten someone and you’re not able to keep him/her
  4. You found a stray Weim and aren’t sure what to do
  5. You know of a Weim in either a kill or no-kill animal shelter that needs a home
  6. You’ve seen a Weim being mistreated, neglected, or living in poor conditions and aren’t sure what to do
  7. You know of a puppy mill that treats their animals poorly and aren’t sure what to do about it

If you have a Weim that you are struggling with, and are considering getting rid of him/her, don’t hesitate to get a hold of us! We want to help you KEEP your Weim and overcome your struggles!  Rest assured, we are not going to immediately suggest that you surrender your Weim for adoption.  We want to help you deal with and overcome your struggles and keep your Weim!!  We have worked with dozens of families that were struggling with behavioral problems, anxiety problems, or other difficult issues and helped these families overcome their issues and keep their Weim in the family!! 

Sometimes overcoming the issues families are struggling with isn’t possible, and we will explore options with you at that point if that becomes the case.  This can be tough, but we’ll help you through it!

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